Photo: A Remembrance

Photo: A Remembrance

Remembrance Letter: A beautiful but less explored way of cherishing a memory.


Raising A child without A Mother.

Post by: Posted by Anna T. in loving memory of her Mother who passed away on May, 2013.

Parents are the best people we have in life. They are our first Teacher.  Together they bring us to life and try to give us the best they can in every way. They teach us how to speak, walk, feed us with love and care, and there are times when they stay awake in order to give us a good night sleep. One cry of ours and they are right next to us, rocking us. Mom & Dad, together become the team in this planet to protect us, love us and nurture us.

But what happens to those families where a parent has passed away. I am talking about those families who try to survive without a mother. Since, mother take foremost role in raising a child, giving him values, feeding him milk and food, helping with studies and the first word that a child learns to mumble is “mummy”  Such families have a tough time raising children, but fathers can be a great mother too.  Yes, there are many families having single parent, yet the single parent doesn’t let the process of raising children get effected due to this. They still manage to make it a happy family. Though it involves a lot of effort in doing so but soon they start deriving the joy in raising children. They start enjoying becoming a more responsible Father and Mother both singularly.

“So what how they do it is very important which we would be discuss going forward.”

By not considering the situation as a burden – Parenting is a round a clock job, especially when it’s about single parenting thing. This involves lot of pressure, as a father tries to juggle many balls at the same time. Apart from his responsibility at home, he also is responsible at work. A father struggles at office so as to earn a living and also raise the child at home. This is an extremely tough situation. But it gets only worse once the father starts taking his responsibility as a burden. And it starts reflecting as poor performance at work and carelessness towards the children. And at the end of the day you are non performing employee and an irresponsible father. But once, the father starts looking forward to both the roles as break from the other then the entire scenario starts changing for better.

   “Who fed me from her gentle breast and hushed me in her arms to rest, And on my cheek sweet kisses prest? My Mother.”

Share responsibility with your extended family – Whenever a crisis strikes we look forward to our extended family and friends, they always support us. So such people are strongly supported by their parents that are the child’s grandparents take active role in raising the child and they become a good substitute to a mother though they cannot completely fill in the space but yes to an extent grandmother’s love is equally warm as mothers. They by experience know how to take best care of an infant and they know what best suits to a child’s need while growing up. In case grandparents are not available, then siblings, good neighbours, friends can share a part of your responsibility for some part of the day. But in all cases, a single parents have huge responsibility to even ensure that even in their absence the child is best taken care of. And in no way his heath and nourishment is being compromised.

“Single parent mothers who aren’t spending their time looking for a man but spending their time providing for their  children are the most admirable people on earth.”

Enjoy your personal life too– Any machine that consumes energy needs to recharge his batteries regularly. So it’s no sin to have a little enjoyment in life with friends around. Sometimes one should take a little break and enjoy life. Unless and until one is not happy personally, he cannot play any role other with care. So mental and physical well being is necessary.

Go out with your family – Taking the family out is very much needed, as it helps you to give your routine life a break and spend some quality time with the child and with people who take care of your child in your absence. You may go to a sea beach or a hill station or any other city that you feel like visiting. Wherever you go, you must try to grow the bond stronger in this time with the child and your family.

Fall in love again – Finding a soul mate is not easy, as not every day you find someone with whom you feel connected. In case you have one in your life who understand you well and knows best about your life then you should not delay to propose her. But before that you must learn about her expectations from you and how it would affect your child. She might prove to be a very good mother to your child thereby making your family complete.

Understanding Each Family member’s role: Each family members role becomes very important. They must support each other and take on different characters as the situation needs requires – Play a role of a father, a teacher, care taker, friend or even a strict person whenever the situation needs it to be.

Lastly always cherish the things that you have over the things that you don’t.  This will greatly improve your life.

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