Something on Online Tributes.

When you lose someone you loved so much during your life, it`s very hard to deal with the fact that you will never have that person besides you anymore. There are a lot of people who deserve the best memory after they leave to the other side of the world. The best memorial option you could choose is an online tribute that contains valuable information about the person you loved and will always have in your memory. An online tribute comes with a lot of benefits. If you`re interested in finding out these benefits, go ahead and read this article further to find out the benefits that come with an online tribute.

Before talking about the benefits, you first need to become familiar with the term of online tribute and to know what this stands for. Online tributes are like a virtual cemetery. Each tribute is a memorial of a person you cared for during his or her physical life. If you would like to create an online memorial, you should know where to start, what things you need to do and how to start with the creation of the tribute.

Online tributes represent virtual memorials for dead people who meant a lot of things in our lives. Online tributes might contain remembrance poems, images, text, audio or video. When you create a tribute, you have two options: from one hand, you can create your own memorial for a single person you just lost or you can come up with a more creative idea that is represented by an entire memorial website or forum where you allow other family members and friends to post their condolences or to write more memorials about other people in your family or precious friends they lost.

Pen down your feelings

Difference between Obits and Online Tributes:

If you`re thinking of the difference between obituaries and online tributes, there are significant differences to observe between the two things. Here, you can observe the first main advantage of online memorials. Editors still post obituaries in newspapers of recently dead people but the news that describes the death of a person is an objective text. It can`t be a subjective description of a dead person once the editors don`t know who he/she was. On the contrary side, the online memorial is written by you, the person who stayed and talked with the person who just died every day and you got to know him/her good. Your online tribute contains all the valuable information that everyone has to know about the person you lost.

General Costs for getting started.

You definitely ask yourself how much it costs you to have your memorial published online. Here comes the next great benefit of online tributes. If you need to pay for it, you will pay only a low monthly or annually fee or if you want a lifetime membership, the price you need to pay is still surprisingly low. However, it`s possible to post your memorial online for free that can be found online for a few months. The best thing is to run your own website where you can post memorials for the entire family and friends, when the time comes for everyone.

If you don`t want to have your own memorial website, that`s not a problem. The tribute you created of your loved one can be posted to a memorial website. In this situation, in most of the cases you will need to pay a certain fee for having the tribute posted on the memorial website and you also need to agree with the terms and conditions of the tribute website before your memorial gets published. You need to agree with the terms and conditions because it`s not about your own website.

As we can see, both online memorials posted to tribute websites and your own tribute website present great advantages. The decision is up to you. You decide whether you`d like a simple memory posted to an official tribute website or to have your blog or site where you`ll post more tributes of people you lost in your family or friends who are gone. This is still not everything. Besides the multiple purposes how memorials can be used and posted, there are some other benefits of online tributes as well.

Pen down your feelings.

Another benefit of your online tribute is represented by the way you write. If the information you add about the deceased person is real, you can go ahead and freely write the tribute in the style you`d like to have it and see it posted. There aren`t any rules to follow when you create your online tribute. You can freely write down your emotions and feelings to the person and to express your respect and eternal love. All you need to be careful about is to watch out what kind of photos and/or videos you include in the tribute. You need to make sure the tribute is safe and will not cause you any problems, from the copyright point of view.

Pen down your feelings.

Most of them are easy to setup.

The last benefit of online tribute is represented by the services offered for hosting the memorial. There are five main services offered for hosting once your memorial gets published online. These services are: social media hosting, funeral home hosting, charitable service such as a “Firefighters Memorial”, commercial free service and commercial paid service. Having all these benefits in front of you, it`s definitely easy to understand how helpful online tributes are. Nowadays` world is modern and it`s not enough to have an objective memo published in the local newspaper. Your loved one deserves all the respect to have a subjective and emotional tribute of his/her life published online.

Example of Online Tributes, 2013: Tribute to Whitney Houston and Jack Klugman posted by an Memorialleaf.

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